Busy Time

Yesterday I didn’t end up posting anything, I did my hot yoga class at noon and that was the last time I had to relax and be by myself all day. A very long drive later in what I think was an unexpected snow/ice fall led to a couple glasses of wine with some friends.

Which also led to not waking up early enough this morning to go to my 8am hot yoga class so I am at a 10am class instead. It’s 75 minutes instead of the regular 60 that I do. Freaks me out a bit because I know it’s a bit harder but I have to remind myself, I know what I’m doing, take it at my own pace because I’m not in a race with anyone and check my ego at the door.

So off I go into the hot room


Hello world!

Hello World it’s me Claire!

I am on a journey to health, happiness and discovery of myself. Who am I other than a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt? What is my purpose in life? Why does it seem like some people just know what they want in life and where they want to go but I could never and still haven’t figured it out?
I am hoping writing about my journey will help me figure out my path in life, keep me on track with my health goals and find happiness and joy along the way.

Hoping you can be inspired to find yourself, find a little more happiness in everyday things and most of all Enjoy the View Today!