Old Wants Become New Again

So I was on Facebook this morning just cruising around mindlessly enjoying my time in my pj’s while hubby had left for work and kids had left for school. Facebook is really just a time consuming effort but every once in a while I come across something that sparks a fire in me. Today it was a fire I had let burn out not that long ago.
When I started running again in May of this year I was only running 5k and that was an effort in itself but I had a dream of completing the Disney Marathon in Florida before my 40th birthday. While I would be out running my 5k the dream died a little because I kept thinking this is so hard how will I ever be able to finish a marathon!!

It’s been a month since I last ran. I have lots of excuses but that’s just what they are is excuses. Today I saw on Facebook a page about commitment to a run on January 1st, they call it the resolution to commitment or something. I started thinking again about the Disney run after reading some of the stories of what people have overcome in their life to get healthy, find fitness and are so happy for it. There is only one thing standing in my way of fulfilling my dream and its me!
Well i finally closed the computer, quickly showered and headed off to hot yoga. I like to get into the room early so I can get a good spot for my mat and have at least 10 minutes in savasana. I usually try not to think of anything while i’m lying there and just breath and relax but today I couldn’t help the thoughts and images that kept coming into my mind. I was crossing the finish line and was overjoyed with my accomplishment. I want to experience that feeling in real life!
So I commit to myself and to whoever reads this that I am going to cross that finish line in January 2015! Ok, ok I have lots of time to train! Lol

What finish line are you going to chase?




Commitment is either something you want or not. So many things in life you can choose to commit to or choose to just go with the flow and see where it takes you. I look back on my life and see a pattern of non committal. I have always had big dreams but was and still am afraid of failure so I wouldnt commit to any of those dreams just in case they didn’t work out for me. I thought I would be perceived as a failure, a let down to not only myself but my family. So recently I have been thinking Alot about commitment lately but to get to the point of where I am today I need to tell you a bit about my past.
Without boring you with too much detail here’s the long and short of me. Before I met my husband when I was 22 I floated through life just getting by and not really caring too much about anything. I had lost 75 pounds and was at my lowest weight ever and was having fun! I met my hubby and I knew this was it, he was the guy I was going to marry and luckily he felt the same way about me. Fast forward, 2 kids later (boy then girl) I was a stay at home mom that eventually was trying to find herself again in the midst of a traveling and hard working husband and the demands of raising two kids.
Overweight and unhappy about where I personally was in my life I searched for my calling. I got my real estate license but gave it up not 4 months after I had worked so hard, it just wasn’t for me. Started a retail business but got fed up with that after a year and sold it. I found myself again at 36 looking for my calling after so many times I thought I had found it only to be let down by myself again and my lack of commitment to something, overweight again because I had gained back over the years of yo yo weight loss/gain 60 pounds. What was I going to do with ,ynlife now that my kids were 12 and 10. I am a stay at home mom again, happy about that, but wanted to get me back on track.
April 17th 2012 I joined Weight Watchers….again! In May I joined a learn to run clinic at Running Room. I was losing weight every week and I was getting happier and happier. As of November 27 2012 I have lost 50.9 pounds and have a new passion for running, hot yoga and spinning.
So where does Commitment come in? I committed on Nov 1st to myself to go to hot yoga every day until my birthday on Dec 18th. 48 days! I have committedntomit, I have shared it and I am doing it!
I hope you can find some health and happiness along the journey with me but most of all just Enjoy the View Today!